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Significant experience in beekeeping for 15 years, the use of natural products including berries and nuts, an improved production process and environmentally friendly beekeeping farms are a guarantee of high quality honey.

The Amur region is considered to be an environmentally friendly region, where herbs and plants grow, which give the honey useful qualities and miraculous properties. 

Our company produces unique honey from apiaries, which are located in the south of the Amur region. This is the territory of impassable taiga, where there are no factories or urban smog.
All production processes comply with the Russian national standard GOST 54644-2011.
«TAIGA ORGANICA» is a honey producer, our specialists control every stage of production so that the client receives a batch of wonderful honey varieties.

Honey is incredibly useful! If you daily use it soon you will notice improvements in your health and mood.
Our company has a number of advantages both in work and in goods offered. These include quality control, a wide range of products, competitive prices and natural ingredients.


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Brand «TAIGA ORGANICA» translates as organic products from Taiga Forest. And this name fully embodies the main mission of the company: to offer people extremely useful products from the very heart of nature. We take care of what nature gives us and want to share it with you. 

The Amur Region is an ecologically clean region, where among the vast plains and high mountains, fast rivers and standing seas, the best healing herbs and plants are born. Here, at the junction of northern and southern nature, mountains and plains, there is a rich set of a wide variety of medicinal herbs that have truly magical properties. Bees collect nectar from unique plants.