Honey, a healing product containing vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. We offer a wide range of products. Sold in different package. The taste of each variety is carefully preserved so that you can choose your favorite one.
Honey - an excellent source of trace elements that are part of the nuts, so it enhances their beneficial properties.
Cream-honey is made according to the technology, which includes stirring honey before crystallization begins.
Honey makes a unique elegant gift for holidays and romantic occasions.
Confiture is a berry loose jelly with a sweet taste and delicate texture.
Ivan tea is the choice of those who share the desire to eat natural products, lead a healthy lifestyle and rationally use the best that the Russian land can give.
A unique organic product with a unique flavor, delicate taste and a pronounced healing properties.
The company «TAIGA ORGANICA» presents you with a completely new product - natural marmalade with honey, based on berry puree with honey.