Cream-honey with pine nuts

Item: 800101
Cream-honey with pine nuts active participation in the process of hematopoiesis, improving the health of the thyroid gland, a beneficial effect on the vessels and the cardiovascular system as a whole, normalization of the nervous system, improvement of hearing, vision, prevention of diseases of the digestive organs, acceleration of the treatment of ulcers and gallstones diseases, strengthening of joints and bone tissue.
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Creamed honey consists of:
  1. Taiga raw honey. Incredibly helpful. Honey does not undergo heat treatment !!! (90%);
  2. Sublimated nuts (10%).
Cream honey is a fundamentally new tender dessert. Softly whipped at low revs and according to a special techonology, homey acquires a light creamy structure and literally melts in the mouth. And natural additives - nuts, make this exquisite dessert not only very tasty, but also the most useful delicacy.

Product details

In the box 24 pcs
Net weight 300 gr
Package glass
Shelf life 1 year
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