Cream-honey with raspberries

Item: 800107
Cream-honey with raspberries stops bleeding, removes toxins, helps fight against pathogenic bacteria and viruses, is useful in diseases of the joints, for the cardiovascular and nervous systems, has a positive effect on the intestines, and due to these fibers decreases cholesterol absorption.
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Creamed honey consists of:
  1. Taiga raw honey. Incredibly helpful. Honey does not undergo heat treatment !!! (90%);
  2. Sublimated berries (10%).
Cream honey is a fundamentally new tender dessert. Softly whipped at low revs and according to a special techonology, homey acquires a light creamy structure and literally melts in the mouth. And natural additives - berries, make this exquisite dessert not only very tasty, but also the most useful delicacy.

Product details

In the box 24 pcs
Net weight 300 gr
Package glass
Shelf life 1 year
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